Jeremy Bluck aka Hurricane JeZ releases debut song Promised on iTunes

WHEN Albury chef Jeremy Bluck is not working the pans he’s penning tunes.

Bluck, known as Hurricane JeZ, writes rap lyrics in his time away from the South Cali Cantina kitchen.

This month he released his debut song Promised on iTunes.

He said the original rap was a ballad with a hip hop feel.

“It’s a break-up song; a vivid look at someone who’s heartbroken,” he said.

The duet with Newcastle country songstress Sami Cooke has gone over well.

“This is my first studio recording so it’s pretty exciting,” Bluck said.

“I just want to keep recording and making music and see how many people I can reach who can relate to it.”

Originally from Wodonga, Bluck moved to Griffith before returning to the Border two years ago.

He asked Cooke to collaborate on a song in a genre that was new to her.

It began with a Skype session before a beat was added in Wodonga and chorus and harmonies at Newcastle.

Promised can be heard at triple j Unearthed.