Brothers acquitted following fatality in pub car park in Wagga

TWO brothers have been acquitted of all charges following an incident at a Wagga pub that left one man dead. 

Terry Wickey fell to the ground and died in the car park of the Ashmont Inn on December 3, 2016, after an alleged scuffle with the Mathers brothers. 

Malcolm Mathers was charged with aggravated assault occasioning death, an alternative charge of assault occasioning death and affray, while Warren Mathers was charged with affray. 

During the trial, the crown accused Malcolm of delivering the fatal punch to Terry Wickey that knocked him to the ground and killed him. 

At the close of a trial lasting more than a week, Judge Gordon Lerve acquitted the pair of all charges. 

He said he believed Mr Wickey was struck, but was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that either brother’s actions fulfilled the requirements of each charge.