Large police presence remains in Corryong after shooting

Corryong Police Station
Corryong Police Station

A LARGE number of police continue to investigate a shooting at Corryong amid moves to reassure the public the town is safe.

Officers from Melbourne have been deployed to the town, joining local members. 

Inspector Paul Hargreaves said there were active patrols in the area.

“Police are continuing to investigate the matter,” he said.

“We are willing to hear from members of the public who may not have come forward at this point in time.

“Contact police, or visit in person at Corryong.”

The shooting occurred in the town’s main street about 7.30pm on May 4.

Two cars collided at the time of the incident and a rural property at nearby Biggara was searched.

Both cars were seized.

A woman who witnessed the incident said it was concerning.

“It’s not something you expect to see here on a Friday night,” she said.

“The street was packed.

“It was 15 minutes before the deb and there would have been dozens of people, all parking their cars, trying to get up to the hall.

“I think people may hold the missing pieces to it I guess.

“I know the police are encouraging people to come forward.

“They might have seen something that is the key to working out what happened.”

The woman has lived in the town for about 20 years and has never heard of a similar incident occurring. 

Inspector Hargreaves said people should feel confident that the matter was being followed through. 

“We want the community to feel confident that these matters are being addressed and are of high importance to us,” Inspector Hargreaves said.

“It was the night of the deb ball as we understand, and we believe there may be more people who may know something.

“We want them to come forward.”

Anyone with information can call (02) 6049 2600, (02) 6076 1666, or 1800 333 000.