Boy gets jail

A Thurgoona boy once addicted to methamphetamine will have several more months behind bars to contemplate the drug’s disastrous impact on his life.

In one incident, the 14-year-old pulled a large knife on a Lavington woman.

In another, Albury Children’s Court heard, he pointed the knife at a sports club president and demanded, “give us your wallet and your (car) keys”.

The boy had already been in custody for more than three months when he appeared for sentence via a video link to a juvenile justice centre.

And that is where he will stay, with magistrate Rodney Brender – after adjourning the case for two days to consider his decision – sentencing him to more time in detention.

Having pleaded guilty to charges of attempted aggravated assault with intent to take or drive motor vehicle while armed with a weapon and attempted aggravated robbery, the boy was given an aggregate jail term of 16 months.

Mr Brender ordered the boy, who will turn 15 in about four weeks, to serve a non-parole period of eight months.

The boy was arrested and went into custody on January 25, which means his earliest release date is September 24.

It was outlined in sentencing submissions how the boy was hooked on “ice” when he committed the crimes, in the company of a mate, though had come off the drug in custody. Solicitor Tim Hemsley said the boy felt “like a better person when he’s not on ice”.

That behaviour unfolded on January 25 when a woman reversed her car out of her driveway and saw the boy and his mate nearby.

After losing sight of the other boy, the woman was confronted by the accused as he pulled a 30-centimetre, pointed knife out of his pocket, opened the door and thrust the knife in her direction. The pair fled when she quickly reversed the car again.

Just 15 minutes later they approached a man working at the Melrose Park canteen, the boy again pointing the knife before making the demand for his wallet and keys.

He refused and again, the boy ran away.