Soldier faces sentence

A Bandiana soldier out for drinks with mates ended his night disgracefully by punching a security officer and soon after, headbutting the ground.

It all resulted in Erik Lea Arenales having to front court and now needing to have a report done to keep him out of jail.

The pre-sentence report ordered by magistrate Rodney Brender will give him an insight into why Arenales behaved in the way he did.

It is a usual method for magistrates to determine what is the most appropriate non-jail option available in sentencing.

Arenales, 30,  made a brief appearance in Albury Local Court this week, pleading guilty to a single charge of assault.

The court was told that the security officer was working at Albury’s Beer Deluxe on May 5 when Arenales was asked to leave about 11.50pm.

That was because he had been “displaying aggressive behaviour towards other patrons”, police said.

Some of Arenales’ friends intervened so other security officers on duty that night called for assistance. It was when the victim came over to help.

As Arenales walked from the pub he pushed into several other people. One didn’t like it and so expressed his displeasure to Arenales, who then walked towards him.

“In doing so he has pushed his girlfriend away in an attempt to get to him,” police said.

The security guard intervened and grabbed hold of Arenales by the shoulder to turn him around.

Arenales resisted and in the struggle they both ended up on the ground.

“The accused has landed on top of the victim and punched him a number of times to the face.”

Several other security officers got involved and Arenales was escorted to the laneway beside the hotel.

They continued to restrain Arenales as he lay on the ground.

“The accused has begun to headbutt the ground causing bruising to his forehead”.

Arenales, who comes from the south-western Sydney suburb of Moorebank, will be sentenced by Mr Brender on June 5.