Threats made with machete during neighbourhood dispute in Trudewind Road

AN AGITATED man who said he would cut his neighbour’s head off while armed with a machete has been locked up after choking his ex-partner.

Nathaniel Goodman, 25, had at one stage been friendly with the woman he would later confront and threaten with the weapon.

The relationship between the Wodonga residents soured after she accused him of breaking into her Trudewind Road home. 

Wodonga Magistrates Court on Friday heard the victim had harassed the 25-year-old, culminating in him smashing the window of her home with an axe handle on December 29. 

After the victim was alerted to the incident, she confronted Goodman, who pushed her backwards using his head and pulled out a large machete.

“I’ll stab you, I’ll slice you up, I’ll cut your f---ing head off,” he shouted at her.

A nearby resident tried to help and Goodman threatened to shoot him, shaping his hand like a pistol and pointing it at him.

Another witness arrived and took the victim away in his car and she was shaking with fear when police arrived.

Goodman was released on bail, but went back into custody on May 4 when he attacked his ex-partner at her home. 

He grabbed her by her neck and pinned her down.

The 25-year-old said he would kill her before she had a chance to leave him.

She screamed, but no noise came out.

He only stopped when the pair’s 15-month-old son walked into the room and started crying. 

The case will return to court on June 7.