Beck holds court | Issy Byrne firing on all cylinders for Pies

Issy Byrne has been a big part of Wangaratta's climb up the ladder this season.
Issy Byrne has been a big part of Wangaratta's climb up the ladder this season.

Wangaratta star Issy Byrne reflects on the Magpies’ excellent start to the season ahead of their clash with rivals Wangaratta Rovers on Sunday. She caught up with The Border Mail’s BECK O’CONNELL earlier in the week.

BO: You guys have got a pretty big game this week against the crosstown rivals in the Wangaratta derby. How are you shaping up?

IB: We’ve got our full side and we should be at full strength again. We had a pretty good win last week so hopefully we can continue on and have another win.

BO: This would have to be have to be probably one of the best seasons so far don’t you think?

IB: The standard has probably dropped a little bit with a couple of teams not being as strong as what they used to be. That has helped us a lot. We’ve sort of had the same side for the past couple of years, but I think we’ve got our stuff together now which is good.

BO: Kellie Keen has taken over from Lou Byrne, what are some key differences between the two coaches?

IB: Kellie likes to rotate players a lot more, our bench players get a really good rotation, so we always have fresh legs coming on most quarters.

BO: What keeps you busy off the court?

IB: I’m not at university at the moment, I’ve deferred for a bit. I’m working full-time at The Athlete’s Foot.

BO: Who would be your most outrageous teammate?

IB: Katie Dean.

BO: How was your interleague experience this year?

IB: I played in it last year as well and it was pretty good both years. It was good to play close to home.