Cash, and hopefully historic agreement, for states to share as Victorian and NSW ministers meet in Wodonga

Federal Small and Family Business, Workplace and Deregulation Minister Craig Laundy
Federal Small and Family Business, Workplace and Deregulation Minister Craig Laundy

A $300 million fund will be opened for state governments to start investing in solutions to fix painful cross-border issues.

Federal Small and Family Business, Workplace and Deregulation Minister Craig Laundy (pictured right) will be in Wodonga on Tuesday to make the funding announcement, joined by ministers from both Victoria and NSW.

The Border Mail reported last month the minister was to visit the Border with his state counterparts, small business ministers Philip Dalidakis and John Barilaro.

In a piece written for Tuesday’s newspaper, Mr Laundy indicated the federal funding would be spent on fixing inconsistent rules and regulations which make it difficult to do business across state borders.

It is hoped discussions between the federal and state governments will lead to all parties signing an agreement to work on ending cross-border anomalies. 

The meeting comes after Victoria announced it would establish a cross-border commission, to work alongside NSW cross-border commissioner James McTavish, who has been in place for four years. 

Cross-border anomalies have long plagued residents of Albury and Wodonga.

Builders, bus companies and those in the hospitality industry are just some who have complained about having to pay licence fees or obtain qualifications separately when working in the different states, doing the same job.

Family violence workers have also been campaigning for solutions to cross-border issues in the justice system, such as the fact intervention orders are not automatically recognised in other states.