Email sparks counterfeit $50 note panic

Email sparks counterfeit $50 note panic

BORDER businesses were barking up the wrong tree after finding “counterfeit” $50 notes.

McDonalds in Lavington and Todd’s Tasty Treats reported suspect notes to police on Wednesday after hearing a segment on 3AW Mornings, which is broadcast through 2AY.

3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell warned listeners after being alerted to an email that allegedly revealed counterfeit indicators.

Albury police inspected the notes and said they were authentic.

Todd’s Tasty Treats director Diane Ingrey said she thought she had a fake $50 note after handing a customer change.

“I jokingly said ‘I better make sure it’s a real one’ and I thought ‘oh my gosh I’ve been got’,” Mrs Ingrey said.

“But we’ve gone into panic mode a bit too soon. It looks like it’s a ridgy didge note.”

The Reserve Bank said the email circulating was incorrect.

The email claims Edith Cowan’s name must be on the $50 notes but the central bank said some notes do not have her name.

The email also said the Reserve Bank governor’s signature should be above the Treasury secretary’s signature, but the central bank said that was also incorrect.

The counterfeit scare comes after a fake $50 note was passed to a Wodonga branch of the Hume Building Society in July.

In April, at least four Wodonga traders informed police counterfeit notes were handed to them.

Three of the transactions were successfully completed before the fake notes were detected.

As many as 10 $50 notes were also distributed at The Bended Elbow in Dean Street and an attempt was made to use a single note at KFC in Lavington.