Built on strong foundations

TEAMWORK THE KEY: Simone and Adam Gregor pictured with their team at G.J.Gardner Homes Wodonga.

TEAMWORK THE KEY: Simone and Adam Gregor pictured with their team at G.J.Gardner Homes Wodonga.

G.J. Gardner Homes Wodonga first opened their doors back in 2008.

And the opening of a sub-office in Wangaratta followed soon after. 

Ten years on from the Wodonga beginnings, owner-operators Adam and Simone Gregor reflect on the growth of their business during that time and what the brand has meant for them.

“Wodonga is one of the fastest growing regional cities in Victoria," Simone said.

"We have seen substantial population growth over the past 10 years; with population growth we have also seen more competitors arrive in the area but also more land development.

"The building industry is very strong in our region."

Adam said the G.J. Gardner Homes franchise model was well-suited to business-savvy operators building less than 10 homes a years who need the support of systems and operating procedures to help grow their business and volume in a sustainable way.

Adam reflected on what had initially attracted them to the G.J. Gardner brand.

“We knew we were purchasing a model that had all its systems in place and would be able to cater to a large volume," he said.

"It was also appealing to be joining a group of like-minded people.

"Some of these people had years of experience in running a G.J. Gardner Homes franchise and it was reassuring to know we had access to their knowledge and experience.”

Adam said the business strived to be the best builder in the area.

"We honestly do our very best to make the new home process as enjoyable and smooth as possible for every single one of our clients," he said.

"We also strive to have every single client refer us to friends and family.”

G.J. Gardner Homes offers more than 100 contemporary designs for customers to choose from offering plans to suit all stages of life including families, first home buyers or retirees.

For more information about building a home with G.J. Gardner Homes Wodonga or Wangaratta, phone the team on (02) 6056 8889.

The Wodonga office is located in Stanley Street while the Wangaratta office is in Reid Street.