Nurse fights anti-abortionists with umbrella

Nurse fights anti-abortionists with umbrella

ALBURY nurse Susan Makepeace stood quietly in front of a video camera set up by an anti-abortion group yesterday, clutching a large black umbrella.

She was determined to prevent the group’s “abhorrent invasion of privacy” of filming women entering an Albury abortion clinic.

“It’s about protecting the dignity of the women,” she said.

“I would hate to be harassed if I was going through that.”

She rejected the self-proclaimed “sidewalk counsellors” claim that the camera is not meant to intimidate, and encouraged others to join her protest.

“I also have concerns about the danger of the filmed footage being misused.

Braving the cold morning after night shift at hospital, Ms Makepeace said clients at the Englehardt Street clinic deserved autonomy as they faced the difficult decision of terminating a child.

“The few times I have known women in this situation, I’ve never known one who has entered into an abortion lightly.”

Police were called to the clinic yesterday after a complaint but they told Ms Makepeace her lone protest was within her rights.

She wants others to join her at the clinic on Thursday from 10am to oppose the filming.

“We could have a whole street full of people with their umbrellas up,” she said.

Meanwhile, a Facebook group is urging residents to “protest the protesters” by joining a peaceful demonstration at 4pm the same day.

To date, 169 people are listed as attending.

“Let’s show these guys that, as a group, we too have a voice, and our voice says NO to the invasion of privacy, and harassment,” the organisers wrote.

The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants have maintained a Thursday vigil outside the clinic since November.

Yesterday, a small group, including young children, sat opposite the building praying and clutching their rosary beads.

Two women with flyers waited outside the clinic.