Boys’ Facebook page closes

ORGANISERS have deleted a Facebook group devoted to defending the privacy of clients of an Albury abortion clinic, after the page became host to a bitter debate over abortion.

The page was set up by a group of Albury schoolboys to organise a counter protest against the religious group staging a vigil outside the centre.

However the group’s creator Alex Cameron, 17, said its message became lost after anti-abortionists flooded the page with comments and links.

He said the group was meant to support the right of women to access legal termination services without being filmed or accosted — not debate abortion.

“Basically it became a page where a lot of pro- life people would put their things up ... and the debate got really heated both ways,” Alex said.

“We weren’t effectively putting our message across any more.”

The group has been replaced by a more sophisticated “campaign website”,, which includes regular Twitter updates.

Meanwhile, those from the other side of the debate have been active on pro-choice blogs.

The website abortionhurts includes links to websites warnings against the physical and psychological risks of abortion.

An argument is also raging over the tactics used by the two groups at Englehardt Street clinic, whose showdown there is becoming a weekly occurrence.

Pro-life protesters have accused the pro-choice group of being “abusive” and “confrontational”, by physically blocking the way of those trying to hand out pamphlets to women.

Last week the pro-choice group criticised their opponents for using two cameras in parked cars to film the clinic.