It's the aerial advantage

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Stuart Hall, director and chief pilot, has flown in some of the world's roughest terrain.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Stuart Hall, director and chief pilot, has flown in some of the world's roughest terrain.

YEARS of experience flying in some of the world's harshest landscapes of Papua New Guinea isn't the only background Stuart Hall brings to his work across the Border and Australia.

The SGE director and chief pilot also has extensive knowledge in agriculture and cattle husbandry, having operated a family-owned cattle business in Victoria previously.

Mr Hall has flown the world in a number of aircraft, and is known for his skill and ability in flying and efficient application of sprays and fertiliser.

SGE Helicopters, which is based at Barnawartha, offers accredited and certified aerial agricultural operations in Victoria, NSW and beyond.

SGE Helicopters specialises in offering a range of services in the aerial application of pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers used to promote superiority in agricultural production.

"As aerial application can be implemented on the most diverse landscapes, it is the fastest and most efficient method of managing all areas of agricultural environment," Mr Hall said.

"With the ongoing development of more effective chemicals, aerial spraying offers excellence and precision in chemical application, optimising crop production."

The SGE Helicopters team operates within the Aerial Application Association of Australia and is fitted with Spidertracks - Mr Hall said this was the latest technology in time tracking and emergency alerting systems.

"SGE Helicopters utilises state-of-the-art GPS logging technology for accuracy and precise application along with the ongoing consultation of renowned agronomists specialising in this field," Mr Hall said.

"The SGE team will not disappoint in servicing all of your agricultural needs."

SGE Helicopters operates a Bell 206 Longranger, known as the Rolls Royce of the helicopter world.

"This incredibly effective machine is not only superior for its heavy lifting capabilities, it also offers extensive power, safety and reliability supporting their increasingly widespread use in aerial agriculture," Mr Hall said.

Although spraying and aerial application is SGE's core business, Mr Hall also has extensive experience in firefighting and precision long line operations.

As well as the aerial spraying and fertilising services, the Longranger helicopter also has capacity to carry six passengers.

"We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company," he said.

The SGE team also supports numerous local initiatives in the Border region.

Community support includes sporting events and football teams. This also included supporting talented local county music artist Zac Spalding to attend the Tamworth Country Music Academy next month.