Rain brings busy times

THE TEAM: Joel Rands, mechanic, Mark Lavery, Sally Lavery and Ken Lacey, of Mark's Spray Barn in Lavington.
THE TEAM: Joel Rands, mechanic, Mark Lavery, Sally Lavery and Ken Lacey, of Mark's Spray Barn in Lavington.

Mark Lavery didn't have to head very far north recently before realising just how dry it was outside the Border region.

The owner of Mark's Spray Barn in Lavington has been working in northern NSW this week and said farmers back home were lucky compared with these northern areas, especially with this week's rain.

"It's an opportunity for farmers to reap the rewards seeing as it's been an OK season," Mr Lavery said.

"You don't have to go very far north or west for things to be a lot drier.

"At one town I've visited they're carting water to the town dam."

Phil Star

Phil Star

This time last year Mr Lavery was speaking about how the dry season had made for testing times.

Because of the dry last year broadleaf weeds had become a prolific problem this season.

"This season, because of last year being so dry broadleaf weeds are really bad this year, compared to the last three or four years," he said.

Despite this week's rain, Mr Lavery said the reality was farmers would need more rain come late August and into September.

"Even if we only get half an inch every month for the rest of winter that's fine as long as we get rain in September to finish the winter crops," he said. Mr Lavery said the rain had meant things in the Lavington-based shop had been frantic.

"It's amazing how much it's turned around," he said.

Mark's Spray Barn specialise in three main brands - Goldacres, Hardi and Uniboom - but he said they stock parts for any sprayer.

"We always carry a large range of linkage sprayers and spot spray equipment in stock," he said.

"This is along with pumps and spares for all makes of sprayer, be they small or large we carry a full range of Trimble GPS equipment and are fully set up to fit and maintain such equipment.

"We stock a full range of TEEJET and HARDI nozzles to help the farmer make the most of his sprayer for every application.

"Make sure your spraying and guidance equipment is both well-maintained and accurate plays a pivotal role in achieving this and we are here to help," he said.

And, there is a new face on the Mark's Spray Barn team to the sales team at the store - Phillip Star, who is a former Walbundrie farmer.

For information phone (02) 60 258 862 or visit www.marksspraybarn.com.au.