Michelle has reconnected with society

A new life: Michelle Rendell said her life has
A new life: Michelle Rendell said her life has "opened up" thanks to support through the NDIS which includes her support worker Cass Fisher.

Being a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant means Michelle can now be more independent and live a more confident life as she pursues her future goals.

Prior to the NDIS, the 54-year-old, who has schizophrenia, experienced paranoia and led a relatively isolated life, trying to manage her condition.

Michelle now has support workers assisting her to live her life independently, and she said her world has opened up.

"I'm just so happy," she said. "I was always frightened to go places and I had to fight with myself to get anywhere.

"Now my support workers, Cass and Emily, take me out and when I get scared they reassure me that everything is going to be alright."

A creative soul, Michelle loves craft, so channelling her strengths, Cass and Emily work with her visiting opportunity and bargain shops, sourcing materials.

"I love doing crafts," she said. "I make coiled bracelets, stretch necklaces and earrings.

"I also crochet. We went to an event where there were lots of tables and each one had a different craft you could try on it. I picked crocheting. I love it.

"I've made lots of colourful blankets and I crochet borders around face washers. One of my goals is to hold a stall and sell them."

Living independently, in her own unit, Michelle spends Tuesdays and Fridays with Cass.

"On Tuesdays, Michelle loves to go shopping and we go and have a coffee," she said.

"We visit all of her favourite shops and she gets heaps of bargains, which she uses to do her crafts and turn a lot into gifts for people.

"On Fridays we do all her banking and grocery shopping and she just loves it.

"Michelle is so friendly and she always wears a beautiful smile on her face so now she's becoming quite popular amongst retailers.

"We have actually seen a huge difference in Michelle in the six months we've been supporting her.

"We've been trying new activities, and we have been able to take her out of her regular routine and venture into a few new places. This has helped her to feel safer and it has increased her confidence.

"We have also noticed that the more she concentrates on her craft, the less the voices annoy her in her head. It has just been incredible."

Michelle, never one to stay idle, said she is now looking forward to achieving her future goal - learning to sew.

"I'd like to make my own clothes, make clothes for other people and mend my own clothes," she said.

"I've only made two dresses in my life. I did sewing at high school. I wasn't very good but I'd like to give it another go because the support I now get from the NDIS and my provider makes me feel so much better about myself."