Reflections on the journey

WONDERFUL JOURNEY: Wilma Trabant and Ron Asquith chat about their association with Lutheran Aged Care spanning 45 years in total.
WONDERFUL JOURNEY: Wilma Trabant and Ron Asquith chat about their association with Lutheran Aged Care spanning 45 years in total.

Wilma Trabant and Ron Asquith are jointly able to reflect on the history of Lutheran Aged Care from 1975 to the current time - 45 years in all.

Wilma is uniquely placed having been an employee, supporter and now resident at Dellacourt.

Ron joined the Committee of Management, as it was then called, in 1987 and has had an ongoing association ever since. They each agree that while so much has changed, the values which underpin the organisation remain as true today as they did 60 years ago.

In 1975, the construction of a new nursing wing and five independent living units was the first development on site since the hostel was first established in 1960.

Maintenance thereafter required everyone to pitch in - when some internal painting needed doing, the conversation was simply, "what colour will we select and who is going to do it".

By contrast, the current property and maintenance team are busy attending to repairs, maintenance and new developments across multiple sites.

Wilma recalls that during her early years, all income and expenditure was recorded in a manual cash book, assiduously reconciled on a regular basis.

Everything was paper-based and filed in the "old fashioned way". Now, of course, computers look after most of the processing and filing.

Lutheran Aged Care has nine operating divisions across multiple platforms.

The environment has also changed from multiple bed wards, communal facilities and "one size fits all", to modern accommodation, en suites and customer-directed care. After all, as Ron says, "compared to the past, we all want to be able to lead healthier and more independent lives".

It is for this reason that Wilma decided to move into Dellacourt.

Access to high-quality care, feeling secure and maintaining her independence were important considerations.

Her family was supportive and she says "I'm loving it here".

The move has given Wilma peace of mind while enjoying activities, freshly cooked meals, conversations and quiet spaces for relaxing.

After 30 years of working at Lutheran Aged Care, Wilma was well-placed to decide how best to access the care she needed.

The commitment of carers to the health and well-being of residents at Lutheran Aged Care was evident, buildings and grounds were well-maintained, food was fresh and the lifestyle team so supportive and friendly.

Wilma and Ron believe that all these things exist because the values of Lutheran Aged Care are lived each day, not just spoken. "Values matter" they both agreed.