Focus on quality equipment, advice at Mark's Spray Barn

THE TEAM: Joel Rands, mechanic, Mark Lavery, Sally Lavery and Ken Lacey, of Mark's Spray Barn in Lavington.
THE TEAM: Joel Rands, mechanic, Mark Lavery, Sally Lavery and Ken Lacey, of Mark's Spray Barn in Lavington.

Mark's Spray Barn has been locally owned and operated by Sally and Mark Lavery for 14 years. The business specialises in providing expert advice and selling spray equipment and machinery.

The main brands on hand include but aren't limited to Hardi, Goldacres, Uniboom, Rapid Spray, Quickspray and Trimple GPS.

Marks Spray Barn are committed to Australian Made products and try to source as much locally made product as possible at the expense of cheaper imports.

"Over the years we have found the Aussie Made policy to be very beneficial as the quality of the product is superior and the price very competitive," Mark said.

Hardi products for example are manufactured in Adelaide, Goldacres are built in Ballarat, Uniboom products in Sydney, Rapid Spray in Singleton and Quickspray in Maroochydore QLD

Mark and Sally have been in the agricultural industry since 1994 as contractors, making them particularly aware of the ever growing and evolving nature of the industry.

Efforts to eliminate drift, overspray and droplet control are at the forefront of the industry.

New and emerging technology has been developed to address these issues.

This includes "H-select", which is the ability to change nozzles across the Boom Spray as the machine is turning.

Other methods include camera technology that helps in avoiding spraying bare ground, only spraying the weeds. Technology such as this is beneficial in reducing chemical costs by 90 percent.

Technology is undoubtedly changing the industry for the better, the next step will be the so called "Green on Green" technology, where a camera will be able to identify weeds within a crop canopy. Although this is not available yet, such advancements seem to be getting closer every day.

Once technology such as this is achieved the benefits it will have on the environment alone, along with the public and growing industry will be enormous.

"Boom spray equipment is an ever-evolving animal, and subtle changes are occurring constantly to boom design and boom suspension," Mark said. "Boom stability, especially on large booms, is constantly improving."

Self-propelled sprayers are becoming more and more popular because of the efficiency gains these provide. Self-propelled machines are available with either front or rear mount booms up to 50 metres and tank capacities from 3000 to 9000 litres.

Marks Spray Barn have two technicians in the workshop for all sprayer repairs and have service vehicles available for on-farm repairs and servicing.

This season is off to a sensational start within the industry, with hopes that it will continue well into spring.