BeyondHousing helping to solve a preventable problem

Helping hand: BeyondHousing CEO Celia Adams (left) with tenant Toni.
Helping hand: BeyondHousing CEO Celia Adams (left) with tenant Toni.

During Homelessness Week, BeyondHousing will support 64 households who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Homelessness can happen quickly, and it is an experience that can affect anyone.

When Toni went through a bad relationship break up and did not feel safe where she was living, she became one of the many people across the region who needed help finding a secure and affordable home.

"I found myself with nowhere to live," Toni said. "I applied for 48 rental properties and was knocked back for all of them.

"I went to BeyondHousing for assistance and they helped me find somewhere to live for 10 months before they offered me a home that I can live in for as long as I need it.

"It wasn't just the fact they gave me housing, but the staff made sure I had support to make the most of the opportunity that having a stable home gave me. I was able deal with what had happened to me and overcome my anxiety.

"They helped me make connections in the community and not be so isolated. Having a home and the support of BeyondHousing means I can focus on finding a job.

"When I walked into the new unit, I was really full of joy, its an amazing new home. It is a safe environment, very private and I can have my dog Heidi with me and enjoy living somewhere that is just ours."

In 2019-20 BeyondHousing helped more than 5700 people across its client services. Its focus is to support them to gain and sustain housing.

Support services are housing focused and include homelessness services, private rental support and advocacy, and tenancy support for people in social housing.

Homelessness is both preventable and solvable.

BeyondHousing believes everyone should have a safe, secure, and affordable home with the support they need to access it.

There is more social housing being built in the region, but there is still a gap between what is being funded and what is needed to ensure there is somewhere safe and affordable to live for everyone experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

The community can help during Homelessness Week by contacting their federal Member of Parliament and asking them to sign the pledge to build more social housing to create jobs and help end homelessness.