Rescuing mate costly

A WODONGA man’s attempt to rescue a friend detained by a security guard has cost him a $1250 fine.

Shannon Devos was also placed on a bond for two years when he appeared in Albury Local Court yesterday for sentencing on charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and dealing with property suspected of being the proceeds of crime.

Devos was fined $800 for the assault and $450 for the other offence.

Devos, 20, of Beardmore Street, helped an accomplice escape from a security guard at Holbrook after medications were stolen from a pharmacy early on October 15 last year.

Solicitor Paul Reynolds said Devos thought the level of force being used by the security officer was excessive.

Magistrate Tony Murray said Devos had put his liberty at considerable risk by intervening to assist an escape for someone lawfully detained.

Devos punched the security officer to the face, which caused swelling and bruising.

The security guard’s grip was forced loose and the two men ran from the scene.

About 1pm the same day, Devos was given a freezer bag of stolen medications.

His accomplice asked Devos to “research” the drugs and inform him whether it would be profitable to keep them.

But their scheme came unstuck when police searched Devos after seeing him at a bus stop.

“I take into account that in my view it was a cowardly assault,” Mr Murray said.