Breath-test escape plan adds to woes

JINDERA man Michael Timothy McInerney hatched a “stupid plan” to avoid a police breath test.

Knowing he had had four beers, he made a break for it when he saw police testing in Urana Road, Jindera.

He steered his Landcruiser across the on-coming traffic, drove along a grass shoulder near the road and between two large trees.

He turned again and drove about 15 metres along a thankfully vacant pedestrian footpath.

Police, with lights and siren operating, stopped him in Dight Street.

He told them that what he had done was “pretty stupid”.

McInerney, 42, of Dight Street, yesterday pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to of driving with the low-range prescribed concentration of alcohol and driving on a path.

He had a blood alcohol reading of 0.063 in the incident at about 3.10pm on October 8.

McInerney said he had had three stubbies of full-strength beer before setting out to drive 15 kilometres to work.

Magistrate Tony Murray asked how he would get to work without a licence for three months.

“I will rely on my sisters,” he responded.

“They must be very understanding sisters,” Mr Murray said.

McInerney was fined $450 for drink-driving and $150 for the other matter.