Leave us some dog-free zones

IT amazes me to hear that the Albury Council is spending more money on off-leash dog areas.

There were dogs at the Henty field days, the Walbundrie show, the Australia Day celebrations in Albury and now federal law states that dogs are allowed in public outdoor entertaining areas.

Why these pet owners insist on taking their precious little babies into crowded public places has me intrigued.

Your dogs, both big and small, are threatening to many people including children and the elderly.

To the organisers of such events make the venues “no dogs allowed”.

To the Albury Council, Mungabareena is one of the most beautiful places in the country, don’t spoil it by allowing dogs to roam freely.

To the owners, keep your dogs away from public places as they are animals and should be treated accordingly.

As stated by Albury Kennel Club vice-president Miss L Roos in The Border Mail on October 6, her dog doesn’t listen when out running and when you get 10 dogs together, none of them listen.

She states that dogs can run free in a safe environment. But safe for who, the dog? What about the community with packs of dogs running uncontrollably? It is only a matter of time before someone is hurt or even killed.

I am not a dog hater as I own three of them that I use on the farm.

Stand up and say no to the owners of these dogs that are allowed to run freely all over the nicest spots in the city.


Walla Walla