The making of a dynasty

Peter and Gina Sutherland run their stud Thologolong Murray Greys and a small number of Angus cattle that go back to the original Aberdeen Angus cattle that Peter Sutherland, (Peter's Grandfather) farmed on the original Thologolong parcel of land. From 1885, these Angus cattle were still the foundation of the Murray Grey Breed at the turn of the century. This land is now known as Thologolong Parish and has been divided to become many Upper Murray faming properties.

Peter has been breeding Murray Greys for more than 60 years and believes he has now bred the ultimate Murray Grey Bull, Thologolong Again-N-Agin.

Peter was brought up with cattle in his blood. His mother Helen is recognised as the founder of the Murray Grey breed, and his father was a horseman, sheep and cattleman, managing an Angus stud and a commercial herd and also a Murray Grey stud with Helen.

So it is only natural that Peter became very involved with the Murray Greys, their breeding really enthused Peter and he started his own stud, "Kimolong" in his early twenties, and eventually Thologolong Murray Greys.

His passion in life has been for the breed and what Australia's own beef breed could do for the beef cattle industry. Peter has proved this with his success many times over in carcass competitions from the time the Murray Grey was recognised as a breed of cattle in the 60's.

Peter and Gina embarked on an embryo and AI program five years ago, some of the semen was very rare and very limited in numbers, and it was with Peter's hands-on knowledge of the bulls that were chosen for this adventure of unknown outcome, that they both went ahead with this exciting program.

He had always had a huge admiration of the bull, Balmoral Elation. Peter really wanting to use Elation in the "experiment"; Seven straws were eventually found and the resulting calves were really exceptional, both from the embryos and the AI.

Peter and Gina thought they had retired from cattle showing, but four years ago they knew they had something special in the paddock, so they took Thologolong Doris H1 out of the paddock with an AI Balmoral Elation six-month-old bull calf at foot, culminating in winning Supreme Murray Grey, at the Melbourne Royal Show.

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It is no good having pretty cattle if they don't perform with an excellent carcass

Stud owner Peter Sutherland