Bump & grind: brothers' not so bright idea

LOOKING for a quiet place to bust open a stolen safe containing $10,000?

What about a crematorium?

That was the plan of some alleged thieves early yesterday and it was that bright idea that brought them unstuck.

The sound of an angle grinder brothers Joshua John Miller, 19, and Caine Allan Nichols, 27, are said to have been using woke neighbours who immediately called police, Albury Local Court heard yesterday.

As police — in a marked caged truck — headed for the Albury Crematorium to investigate, a Holden Commodore sped past them the other way.

Police called in another car and the ensuing chase ended in Regina Avenue, North Albury, where Nichols, the driver, was arrested.

Police then chased Miller about 50 metres before he was caught.

Yesterday police told the court Miller’s reason for fleeing was to help an accomplice get away.

Two other men alleged to have been involved in the theft of the safe, as well as a gold engagement ring and alcohol, are still being sought.

One of those escaped after the car stopped and the other was left behind because he was “too slow”, according to Miller.

A search of the Commodore revealed a safe and a jemmy bar behind the driver’s seat.

The safe was cut open and an angle grinder was found on the floor. There were three wet $100 notes in the car’s console.

The brothers are accused of stealing the safe containing $10,000 in $100 notes from a South Albury house some time between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Wednesday night.

Police told the court Nichols had a plastic container of pills and a rock-like crystal substance.

An engagement ring in Nichols’ wallet was later identified by the victim.

A bottle of rum in the car was partly consumed.

Nichols has been charged with aggravated breaking and entering committing a serious indictable offence in company, failing to stop in a pursuit and two drug counts.

Miller is charged with aggravated breaking and entering committing a serious indictable offence and two counts of resisting or hindering police.

Solicitor Charles Aitken applied for bail for Miller and Nichols.

Prosecutor Sgt Tanya Eade-Smith opposed bail and magistrate Megan Greenwood, who was told Miller was on parole, refused it. She ordered police to prepare evidence by December 20 and adjourned the charges until January 7.