Not tolerant but stupid, ignorant

SO our Prime Minister has released her white paper aiming to build Australia’s ties with Asia.

I thought we were suffocating from being so close to Asia, and couldn’t get enough breath to complain.

Do not our navy boats go backwards and forwards in Asian waters picking up economical opportunists, sometimes just a short distance from Indonesian shores?

And all it takes is a phone call, and our navy is on its merry way, all this from Julia Gillard who must feel so warm and fuzzy with “Look at us, we in Australia are so tolerant, and yet so blind in our stupidity and ignorance”.

If we do not put a stop to the boat people who are invading us, within 30 years Australia will be governed by Sharia law.

Enough is enough.

When all our school children learn to speak Asian languages it will make it far easier for us to welcome the rest of the takeovers.

We will be able to congratulate them with a barbecue on the shores.

If we Australians then decided to take to the boats and sail somewhere else peaceful, would we be accepted in other countries the same as we blindly accept others, I wonder?