Bill says only concern is getting on with the job

BILL Tilley has dismissed speculation that Wodonga’s mayor Mark Byatt is eyeing his state seat.

The member for Benambra yesterday declared it was democracy at work while the man at the centre of the speculation remained tight-lipped about his future.

Mr Tilley said he couldn’t afford to be worrying about potential Liberal pre-selection challengers.

“Local government is what it is, that’s the great democracy that we live in,” he said.

“The thing is when the election is called in 2014, whether it be Mark Byatt or anybody that has any aspirations to represent their community in the electorate, well that will run its course when the time comes and the umpires, our community, our enrolled votes, will make a decision when it comes.

“If I go worrying about those sorts of things and not concentrate on developing that legacy while I have an opportunity to deliver, it takes time away from doing business.”

Cr Byatt said he didn’t have a crystal ball and couldn’t predict the future.

“Councillors are saying I’m the mayor for this year and I have been elected as a councillor for four years,” he said.

“But I’m a young man and can’t afford to be thinking about retirement so who knows what opportunities might present down the track.

“At the moment I’m getting on with the job at hand — I’m passionate about Wodonga.”