Mumm's the word

'Mewm'' not ''Mum'', you know that. Everyone at the G. H. Mumm Champagne Bar launch at the West End at Crown on Wednesday night knew that, too, but we still had mum on our mind. We asked guests not how to say the name of champagne, but to spill pet names - what did your mum call you when you were growing up?

Brock Legudi (pictured) was, well, nothing for a while. ''I wasn't named, at all, for six weeks,'' he said. ''Dad wanted to call me Dion but, obviously, after six weeks of negotiations mum got the upper hand.''

From upper hand to up a tree, that's where Iza Dawkins spent much of his childhood, earning him the pet name Possum. At what point did you say, ''Mum, enough''? ''Probably the first time and I think that's the reason why it stuck,'' Dawkins said. ''Mum'll give me plenty of shit.''

Continuing the theme, Em Rusciano owned her childhood moniker, ''Overachieving Little Shit''. Truly? ''Oh yeah, I was an awesome little kid, I won everything. But I peaked at 10. Before I was 10 I was mint.''

Rusciano's Mamamia Today on-air partner Dave Thornton said, ''I'd like to say mine was 'Extremely Talented', but my nickname was Flotsam.''

''I was probably, 'the Mistake','' Chris Edwards said. ''In good taste, of course.''

This story Mumm's the word first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.