Sunday Xchange: Home Base

Sunday Xchange: Home Base

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- Has more restrictive firearms legislation has worked in eradicating highly dangerous guns in Tasmania?

- Are their any dangerous rail crossings near you?

- What are your thoughts about AFL in Tasmania?

- What are your thoughts about Launceston City Council's sister city arrangement?

- What is your fondest school holiday memory?

- Do you agree with allowing mining in the Tarkine?

- Are pubs and clubs in the north and north-west gay friendly? Have you had a bad experience?

- What do you think was the most important thing to come out of budget estimates this year?

- Have you switched to solar energy to ease your household energy costs? Has your investment paid off?

- Wheel Nuts: Do you know someone with a treasured car, boat or motorcycle? Let us know.

- Gardening: Get expert help with that troublesome garden issue. Ask Noel Shaw a question.

- Sunday Drive: Got a favourite Sunday drive, walk or hike? Tell us about it.

- AFL: Can Hawthorn win the flag? Why? Why not?

- Who is Tasmania's greatest sporting star?

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- Send little Leo Fogarty a message of support

- Who's Tasmania's best politician and why?

- Send us a message of support to a Tassie Olympian.

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