Hot dog! Even pooches need a dip

VETS say the heatwave over the next week could be deadly for pets.

Dogs, cats and livestock are all at risk as the Border swelters through a run of 40-degree and higher days.

Family Vet Centre’s Justin Clancy said young and old animals were at greatest risk.

He said freezing rubber toys and showering animals in tepid, not cold, water was one way of getting through the extreme days.

“Dogs and cats will lose heat by panting but bulldogs and other pets with breathing problems struggle in the extreme weather,” he said.

“Keep them out of the heat of the day, take them for exercise when the weather cools down.

“You need to keep an eye on your pets.”

Bureau of Animal Welfare Director Dr Stephen Tate said animals such as older pets, those with thick coats and those adapted to cooler climates were also vulnerable to the heat.

“It’s also important to look out for signs of heat stroke. Dogs with heat stroke will pant and may whine, lie on their side or become listless and disorientated,” he said.

“Pets with heat stroke should be placed in a shady area, wetted with cool water.

“Contact your vet immediately but do not transport your pet in a hot car.”

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