Video: 65 years later, still in love.

WHEN Joyce Bonner married Roy Streeter at 18, everyone said it wouldn’t last.

But on their 65th wedding anniversary today, the Howlong couple still give each other a kiss every day.

Mr Streeter lodged in the house next door when the couple met in England, where he was working on the railways.

A year later, they started dating when Mrs Streeter was 17. 

Mr Streeter, a British army member went to the Middle East for the Arab-Israeli War a week after they married in a special licence wedding at a registry office in Tonbridge.

The first of their three children was born soon after Mr Streeter left the army,

The family emigrated to Melbourne in 1963, but they “didn’t know what they were facing”.

Later in 1977, they moved to Howlong, where Mr Streeter, a bricklayer, built their house himself. 

They lived in a caravan at the front of their property for seven months until the house was built.

The couple have some simple secrets for their 65 years of marriage.

“I think a lot of it’s give and take ... Patience on my part, perseverance 

on his,” Mrs Streeter said.

The Streeters will celebrate with 40 friends and family on Saturday.

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