Sarah Winnel hits high notes with the right diet

IT’S best to avoid orange juice, coffee and ice cream before you sing in front of hundreds of people.

That’s the advice of Albury’s Sarah Winnel, ahead of her performances with the National Children’s Choir Gondwana Voices in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday next week.

“I look at what I’m eating and drinking so nothing makes my voice claggy — orange juice is the worst,” she said.

Sarah, 17 who has the voice of an angel, was selected from a field of about 800 singers to be part of the 40-strong Gondwana Voices cohort.

They will sing alongside the Sydney Children’s Choir for the acclaimed Voices of Angels Christmas series at the City Recital Hall.

“It’s such a thrill,” The Scots School student said.

“You’re doing what you love and you know everyone appreciates you.”

Sarah is from a family of choir singers — her mother Lyn and aunty Jenny Prince have sung with the St Matthew’s Church — and she’s been singing since she was six.

“She can sing a top F — that’s very high,” Ms Prince said.

“People get goosebumps when she sings.”

Sarah’s pure lyric soprano voice is in demand — last year she had a major solo part in the same series in Sydney and she has toured Canada, the United States and China with the Gondwana Voices.

Sarah wants to pursue a career in music.

“I’m more into the teaching side of music, but we’ll see what happens,” she said.

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