Trailbiker hoons blamed for pram being dunked

KIMBERLEY Berends was forced to dive into thigh-deep water to save her baby daughter after a pair of trailbike hoons turned an afternoon stroll into a nightmare.

Ms Berends has warned other walkers to be wary of random trailbike riders speeding along the  walkway between Toronto and Blackalls Park after her evasive action to avoid being hit caused her pram to scoot into the watercourse that runs along the track.

Her nine-month-old daughter, Charlotte, was still strapped in the pram as it crashed into the water and submerged before her three-year-old brother, Saxon, instinctively leapt in after her.

‘‘My little boy just jumped in and started screaming ‘Bubba, Bubba’ before even I could dive in and pull the pram up,’’ Ms Berends said.

‘‘It felt like she was under the water for hours but it was obviously only a few seconds.

‘‘When I got her back up she wasn’t even crying, just looking at me as if to say, ‘What has just happened?’

‘‘It was horrifying.’’

Ms Berends was walking with the children and their 12-week-old puppy Rebel last Friday along a track they enjoy several times a week when she heard the trailbikers coming from the opposite direction.

She thought there was enough room for them to manoeuvre but both swerved at the young family.

‘‘I just thought, ‘Oh my God they are going to run us over’.

‘‘I pulled the pram away so they wouldn’t collect it and before I knew it, it continued straight into the water, face first, and began to sink.’’

 Ms Berends has reported the incident  and has warned other walkers to  be  careful.

‘‘I couldn’t tell you how old they were but they would have seen me coming and probably were boys being boys,’’ she said.

‘‘But someone has to know who they are and I just want them to realise what they have caused, and what they so nearly could have caused.

‘‘I don’t want what happened to me to happen to someone else.’’

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