WHERE'S AKER? Coach disappears in North Albury's hour of need

JASON Akermanis would be the last person I thought would have gone underground in North Albury’s hour of need.

But with the once-mighty Hoppers under siege and needing leadership more than ever, the outspoken Brownlow medallist is nowhere to be found.

The man with the peroxide hair is now seemingly invisible.

Is this the same bloke who has been potting rival clubs, players and league administrators from the moment he walked into the Ovens and Murray 12 months ago?

He has slagged Albury and Yarrawonga for ruining the competition, accused Lavington of being one of the dirtiest teams he has played against and whacked the Ovens and Murray hierarchy for sitting on its hands — even poor old

Wodonga also copped it for having cold showers.

Well, Aker, the blow-torch is now firmly being directed at Bunton Park and your phone ain’t working.

No doubt he’s accusing the media, in particular The Border Mail, of sensationalising the club’s plight much like football manager Wayne Matsinos did when he offered a “no comment” to a colleague yesterday.

Sorry, we don’t handle the recruiting or control whether departing players are bagging the coach on their way out the door.

Questions are being asked whether Jason Gram is coming back, especially after Aker pumped him up as a player who would dominate the Ovens and Murray and could return to AFL ranks.

People are also keen to find out what is being done to stop the exodus of players from Bunton Park and whether any more recruits are on the horizon.

Is the constant speculation that players haven’t been paid hampering recruiting?

It might all come out after North Albury holds its annual general meeting and a new president is announced to take over from the outgoing Paul Spencer.

By the way, it’s being said that Mark Cronin is the frontrunner, but that can’t be confirmed.

Apparently Aker is playing good golf, though.

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