Same class or not, there’s oodles of sisterly love

WODONGA twins Mia and Jasmine Wilson won’t mind being separated when they start kindergarten tomorrow.

The identical twins, 5, will grab their school bags and head to different rooms when the bell rings at St Monica’s Primary School.

Their mother, Megan Briggs, said she had decided to separate the girls because of their personalities.

“Jasmine is shy while Mia is very outgoing,” she said.

“In different classes, they can be themselves and develop more independence.”

Another mother of twins, Samantha Smallacombe, said how well they worked together would determine whether her girls stayed in the same class.

Her daughters, Evie and Jessie, 4, will stay together for at least their first school year.

“They support each other really well so we’ve put them together to see how it goes,” she said.

She hoped togetherness would make it easy for the girls.

“When my eldest son, Will, went to school, it was quite scary,” she said.

“I worried he might be lonely but the girls will have each other to rely on.

“They are both strong and won’t let the other get the better of them.”

Both mothers said while they were nervous about their children starting school, they were also excited for them.

“They’ve been wearing their uniforms everywhere,” Mrs Smallacombe said. “They’ve waited so long for this.”

Ms Briggs said waving goodbye at the school gate would be “interesting”.

“They are the first I have going to school,” she said.

“There will be a lot of peace and quiet at home during the day, that’s for sure.”

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