Catholic bookshop cops woman’s anger

A SUPPORTER of the push to create an exclusion zone around the Albury abortion clinic has staged a solo protest outside a Catholic bookshop in Smollett Street.

Liz Marmo spent four hours on Thursday outside Veritas Central, operated by Roland and Anna von Marburg, who have publicly supported the pro-life protests in Englehardt Street.

Ms Marmo was armed with placards, including one which read “Vatican protects paedophiles”, and said her protest was targeted directly at the Catholic Church.

“It’s not payback at all,” she said.

“Everybody has the right to protest and everybody has the right to respect also.

“The pro-lifers in Englehardt Street should go at least 150 metres away.

“The clear difference is people are not going into this shop to have a private medical procedure.”

Ms Marmo said her protest coincided with a break between study and work commitments and she planned to return next week.

She elected not to protest at the nearby St Patrick’s Catholic Church as she regarded the area as “sacred ground”.

Her protest follows a Facebook call to arms to boycott businesses and services provided by pro-life protest supporters.

The Catholic bookshop was mentioned as one of the intended targets.

“I am not a sheep,” Ms Marmo said.

“It’s all about timing and this is the only time I have available.

“I knew the shop would be busy being the day before Good Friday.”

Mr von Marburg said the protest in front of his shop was proof the group behind the Right to Privacy Albury Facebook page, which includes Ms Marmo, was becoming increasingly extremist.

“I think they’ve reached a new low and nothing surprises me any more,” he said.

“There has been no harassment or intimidation and whenever they’ve been asked to substantiate these lies they have failed to do so.

“Unfortunately they are getting desperate.”

Albury councillor Darren Cameron was also singled out in the Facebook call to arms for his support of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants protest group.

He questioned the worth of Ms Marmo’s protest.

“I wonder if she understands not all the people who demonstrate in Englehardt Street are Catholic or the demonstrations are not orchestrated by the Catholic Church?” he said.

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