Bronwynne Richardson murder | Silence ended bid to try Geoffrey Brown

First published: November 29, 2011

IN the late 1980s, it was suggested in a television program by someone in Victoria that sex offender Raymond Edmunds, the notorious Mr Stinky, was responsible for Bronwynne Richardson's death.

Two phone calls were made to police at Murray Bridge in South Australia, saying Edmunds was not involved and gave details of who was.

Police suggested Ross Eames made the calls, which he has denied.

Police interviewed Mr Eames and another man, Kevin Newman, who provided a version of what had happened.

Mr Hunt said it was indicated Mr Brown and a fourth man, Max Martin, had sexually assaulted Miss Richardson and she was killed.

Both Mr Eames and Mr Newman were present, but neither participated.

Mr Eames and Mr Newman were given indemnity and committal proceedings began against Mr Brown.

But when the case came to court, Mr Eames and Mr Newman gave no evidence and Mr Brown was discharged.

Mr Eames and Mr Newman were committed for trial on charges of concealing a serious indictable offence but were acquitted.

Mr Hunt said in a covert police recording, Mr Eames said both he and Mr Newman were helpless witnesses.

An approach was made to Mr Eames, who told police they had had their chance and blown it.

Both Mr Newman and Mr Martin have since died.

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