Bronwynne Richardson murder | Ex-boyfriend Geoffrey Brown was 'acting oddly'

First published: November 29, 2011

A FORMER boyfriend of Bronwynne Richardson, Geoffrey Brown, had shown peculiar behaviour after the couple broke up.

Counsel assisting deputy state coroner Carmel Forbes, Warwick Hunt, said Brown had been acting strangely since breaking up with Bronwynee and had given police a version of events that amounted to him creating an alibi.

"There was certainly opportunity for Mr Brown to be involved in Bronwynne's death," he said.

Later on the night of Ms Richardson's disappearance, Mr Brown had been drinking at the Burrumbuttock Hotel.

Mr Hunt said there was sufficient time for him to get into Albury from Walla, where he lived, and back to Burrumbuttock.

He made his comments when outlining the circumstances of Ms Richardson's disappearance, the finding of her body and investigation of her death.

He said Ms Richardson, 17, had moved to Albury from Corowa about three weeks before her disappearance to work and was living with her brother.

Arrangements had been made for someone to collect her from Smollett Street, near St Patrick's Church, on October 12, 1973, so she could attend a ball in the Corowa area.

Mr Hunt said there were competing accounts about when she was last seen, ranging from about 5pm to 7.10pm.

She had first been waiting with another girl and then by herself.

There is evidence of her getting into, or being forced into, a Holden station wagon and she was taken to a spot five to seven minutes west of Albury.

Mr Hunt said forensic evidence indicated her watch showed 7.25pm and had stopped when she went into water.

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