Pot deal in front of police officers

Campbell William Quinlivan

Campbell William Quinlivan

A LOW-level marijuana dealer might have been able to keep the extent of his offending hidden from police had he not been so open with them.

Campbell William Quinlivan freely gave officers the password to his iPhone after being stopped in Springdale Heights on June 28.

Officers saw him hand someone a package in a laneway moments earlier, and the Lavington man admitted he had just sold a gram.

Police had watched him park his bronze Toyota Camry before making the deal and driving off. 

The 19-year-old showed police messages relating to the sale of two grams of cannabis for $20 and admitted he kept cannabis at his parents’ home.

He led police back to the house and retrieved a backpack with 17 grams of the drug and deal bags and scales.

Quinlivan only kept small amounts to avoid detection.

A search through his phone found Facebook messages and texts detailing the supply of at least 100 grams of marijuana in small deals between one and seven grams.

He told police he couldn’t get a job and had no money and was dealing to get cash.

Magistrate Tony Murray noted in Albury Local Court on Tuesday that the ongoing drug supply charge faced by Quinlivan had largely arisen from his admissions and assistance.

“That’s very much in your favour,” he said.

Because Quinlivan had been so open with the police, Mr Murray will not consider a jail term for charges of possession and supply.

The 19-year-old had been using marijuana at the same time he was dealing.

Police facts tendered to the court noted his remorse for the dealing. 

“The accused has been identified as a street level supplier of cannabis,” the facts note.

“Police believe the accused has been supplying approximately one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis per week over approximately an eight-month period.

“The accused appears remorseful for his actions and swears to change his behaviour and get his life on track.”

Quinlivan had been charged with supplying the drug from Boxing Day last year up until his arrest on June 28.

He was nervous before being stopped by police, gave an inconsistent story and was asked about drugs.

“Alright, I’ll admit it, I sold a stick,” he told the officers.

He will return to court for sentencing – which will be discounted due to his admissions – on October 4.

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