Photographer Paul Blake captures pelican rescue by Rutherglen resident Ann Killeen

A perturbed pelican got itself in quite a flap over Ann Killeen’s well-meaning rescue efforts on Wednesday.

The big-billed bird had managed to snare its beak in barbed wire while fishing for carp in a flooded paddock at Cornishtown.

Ms Killeen said the pelican was well and truly stuck and went to its rescue but quickly realised she had bitten off more than she could chew.

“Ungrateful bloody bird,” the Rutherglen resident later lamented.

Animal Rescue hadn’t prepared me for how strong or cranky these things are.”

The flustered creature took exception to its amateur rescuer, who now bears battle scars from its bill.

“I’ve got skin off my nose and face … and injured pride,” Ms Killeen said.

“The bird was quite lucky and flew off.”

And where was friend Paul Blake while all the kerfuffle with the injured bird was unfolding?

Well, as any self-respecting photographer would know, he threw caution to the wind and kept on snapping.