Pigeons in seventh heaven

SEVEN UP: Yarrawonga will create history when all seven teams contest Sunday's preliminary finals. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE
SEVEN UP: Yarrawonga will create history when all seven teams contest Sunday's preliminary finals. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE

Yarrawonga will make league history when it contests all seven finals on the one day.

The O and M has three football and four netball competitions, with 16 and under netball introduced in 2012.

Wodonga was the only other club to have all six grades, winning four on 2004 grand final day.

“Obviously it’s super positive and it’s probably a reward for effort,” Pigeons’ president Andrew Mott said.

“There’s a huge number of people that contribute to the successful running of a footy-netball club and it’s been really great this year.”

The Pigeons play Wangaratta, Wodonga and Wangaratta respectively in football, while North Albury will face the Pigeons in A grade, as well as 16 and under.

Yarrawonga meets Lavington in the middle netball grades.

It will be a tough battle for some families as they attempt to watch as much of the action as possible.

Yarrawonga boasts a reputation as a family-oriented club with a bumper crowd to make the 75-minute trip to North Albury’s Bunton Park.

“We have really high standards with our sense of behaviour and standards of how people conduct their lives and manage themselves,” Mott said.

“I think we have strong leaders who provide a good direction for the kids.”

Yarrawonga senior co-coach Chris Kennedy will have his daughter Tilly in the 16 and under clash against the Hoppers.

“I think we’ve been a really strong club for a number of years now and we put a lot of time into our juniors,” he said.

“I think there’s a lot of clubs envious of what we’ve got set up now.”

Kylie Leslie will play in the B grade match against Lavington.

“Xave (husband Xavier Leslie) and I love it, it’s a big part of our lives and especially now with our little kids (Lily and Jimmy) growing up around the club,” she said.

“Being from a small country town, everyone knows each other and we’re all pretty good friends a lot of us.

“Just with training and game day, it’s nice to catch up with everyone so much during the season.”

Of course, the trick is now getting as many of the seven teams through to the decider at Lavington Sportsground on September 23.

Yarrawonga will start as underdogs at senior football level, but the Pigeons are favourites in A grade netball.

“Having seven teams in a grand final would be something to actually skite about,” Mott said.

And, given the club’s strong following, a stack of teams in the decider would guarantee another major migration.