Nude beach planned for Albury

A NUDIST beach is being planned on a little-used part of the Murray River near the Hume Dam.

Albury Council has included the proposal in a secret submission to state and federal governments for funding for various riverside developments from Lake Hume to west of Wonga wetlands.

The shaded site is upstream of Heywood’s Bridge on the NSW side of the river.

“It’s a lovely quiet spot,’’ a council spokeswoman said.

“There are plenty of trees that screen the area from the public roads.’’

While the council had nothing to hide about the proposal, she agreed some residents might baulk at the idea of sunbakers and swimmers being told that clothing was optional.

“Really there is nothing to worry about a nudist beach that follows the proper etiquette laid down by the Free Beaches Australia organisation,’’ she said.

“They have rules like ‘no unauthorised photographs’ and ‘nude but not lewd’.

“We’ve had legally-authorised nude beaches in Australian for many years since the first one was established in Adelaide in 1975.

“There’s one on the Murrumbidgee near Canberra, so what would be wrong with one on the Murray in Albury?

“Also, there’s a lot on the NSW coast, not that I’ve been to any of them.’’

The Department of Lands controls the proposed crown land reserve and it is unclear if city councillors would have a say in whether planning consent was needed.

There is no question of the council sanctioning any relaxation of clothing rules at Noreuil Park or other riverside parks.

Lands officials in NSW turn a blind eye to several unofficial beahces locate in quiet forest areas.

Efforts by The Border Mail this week to obtain a copy of the submission were unsuccessful but a public servant said there was not much point in seeing it as “it contains only the bare essentials’’.