Traffic slows as street transformation begins

CONTRACTORS took all of one working day to remove road markings on the eastern side of High Street yesterday in the first step to a new-look main street in Wodonga.

By Friday the one-time highway, thoroughfare to trucks and tankers, will be one lane in either direction, angle parking almost doubling the number of car parks.

Street signs will be pared back to a minimum.

Wodonga councillor Anna Speedie said the changes were immediate.

“What we have seen today is traffic on the roadworks site reduced to one lane without any great drama, without any bottlenecks,” she said.

“And anecdotally it appears that the one lane has already slowed down the traffic.”

Cr Speedie said $100,000 had been allocated to High Street improvements in this year’s budget but does not expect to spend that amount of money.

“For relatively little money we are going to change how people behave in High Street,” she said.

“We had allowed a week, planned for possible rain but it is all systems go and we are well on track to have this finished by Friday.

“That’s a great result for the city, the traders and everyone who has had input into planning for a shopping-friendly High Street.”