'He threatened my kid... he's lucky he’s not dead’

HOWLONG man Benjamin Frank Belgrove told police he should have “caved in” the head of another man with an iron bar, a court heard yesterday.

Belgrove had blood on his body and clothing when arrested on Tuesday night after a violent confrontation at a Howlong house in Hawkins Street.

When cautioned by police about his involvement, Belgrove said: “He is lucky he is not dead”.

“He threatened my kid. I should have taken an iron bar and caved his head in.”

But solicitor James Sloan said when representing Belgrove in Albury Local Court that he was defending himself against the victim.

Mr Sloan made a bail application for Belgrove, 41, who has been charged with aggravated entering a dwelling with intent to inflict actual bodily harm.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood released Belgrove on bail with a condition banning him from going to Howlong unless accompanied by police.

She was told in tendered facts that Belgrove was drinking at his Russell Street home about 10.30pm on Tuesday.

He became upset by apparent comments about his son, 13, by the victim.

Belgrove walked to the victim’s house and entered through a hole in the front door.

The victim was sleeping on the couch and Belgrove began punching him before dragging him out through the front door.

Belgrove pushed the victim’s head into the verandah floorboards causing his face to become bloodied.

Belgrove used a wheelie bin to hurt the victim, who suffered pain to his shoulder and ribs.

Belgrove was arrested as he walked home.

Belgrove told police that the victim swung a piece of timber at him and they wrestled, falling to the floor.

Belgrove admitted punching the victim two or three times.

Ms Greenwood has ordered the preparation of a police evidence brief by December 31 with the case back in court on January 7.

Belgrove must live in Albury.