If you like the city, move there

WHENEVER we read about the loss of local farm or bushland to developers all we hear about is how wonderful this is for the developers.

Saturday’s Border Mail has one enthusiastic developer proclaiming how all he could see for the region was “growth and more growth”, while a new council appointee notes that despite having the third busiest airport in regional NSW, “there is still room for that figure to grow”.

Many local residents came here to escape the consequences of all that growth; the urban sprawl, traffic, noise, aircraft and pollution.

They must cringe when they read about this obsession with ever more growth.

I suggest those who like urban density and a lack of open spaces should move to the cities where they can enjoy them more, rather than bringing those things here.



The city of Albury from the Volt Lane car park.

The city of Albury from the Volt Lane car park.