Gatecrashers trash Wodonga school party

10AM: AN end-of-year school party in Wodonga was gatecrashed and two men supervising the party, as well as two teenagers, were assaulted.

Police say about 40 people were at the year 11 party at an Ardern Place home that was supervised by several parents on Saturday night.

Detective Sen-Constable Brendan Roche, of Wodonga police, said about six teenagers gatecrashed the party, which was held in a side yard.

He said the gatecrashers became aggressive when they were told to leave and a male in his 50s was punched to the face and torso.

Sen-Constable Roche said the gatecrashers then smashed cars, broke house windows and threw stubbies into the yard.

One of the stubbies hit adult male in the head, causing him to bleed. Two teenagers, a male and a female, were also punched. Injuries were minor.

Police were called but the gatecrashers had run off by the time they arrived.

Sen-Constable Roche said a 19-year-old Wodonga male was remanded in custody for breaching bail conditions. He faces assault charges in relation to the party.

Anyone with information should phone Wodonga police on (02) 6049 2600.