Customers short of the Redi's

AN ATM glitch has prevented customers getting their money, even though their records show the money has been withdrawn.

The RediATM network suffered an outage across Australia on Saturday, infuriating shoppers preparing for Christmas just two weeks away.

Customers reported that money had been deducted from their accounts, despite an error message appearing on the ATM screens declaring the transaction had failed.

The network claims to be one of Australia's largest, with more than 3000 machines.

One customer, Christopher Griffiths, tried to withdraw $100 from a RediATM in Sydney on Saturday morning. When the transaction failed, he tried the Westpac and St George ATMs nearby, which also did not work. He checked his online Credit Union account soon after to find a total of $200 from two separate transactions had been deducted.

''If there is a network problem they have to shut it down if money is being taken away,'' Mr Griffiths said.

''I was going to buy groceries and petrol but now I'm stranded at home waiting for my dad to bring some extra cash.''

NAB was aware of the outage and advised RediATM customers to use NAB machines.

''We do not operate the RediATMs, that's done by our partner company,'' a spokesman said. ''Other banks also have a a similar partnership.''

Customer service instructed people to submit a complaint form on Monday and have assured them IT staff were fixing the problem.

One customer claimed on Facebook that he was told he would have to wait 90 days for the money to be recovered.

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