Tougher phone laws required

THE Motorcycle Council of NSW has pledged its support to the mother of crash victim Brooke Richardson in her campaign against mobile phone use while driving.

It is today’s road safety issue as to what drink driving was in the 1980s.

Six weeks ago, new laws were enacted in NSW which clarify and tighten mobile phone use by all drivers.

For the distraction caused by mobile phones, a driver breaking the law might as well be drunk.

While people wave their finger at drunk drivers in the news, mobile-phone use while driving avoids the same social stigma.

We need to see the same determination and dedicated resources by the authorities to stigmatise mobile phone use while driving, instead of focusing on only the revenue-raising crimes of drink driving and speeding which have been the focus of attention for 20 or more years.

If you are a passenger and the driver’s phone rings, answer it for them.

If the driver picks up their phone, don’t be afraid to give them an earful.

The campaign of zero tolerance starts with friends and family in the car.

Growing up in Corowa, I found it particularly sad to hear about Brooke’s crash.

She has unintentionally reminded all Border residents to hang up and drive.


Executive committee member, Motorcycle Council of NSW, Sydney