Bra Boy claims ‘just silly talk’

ONE of two brothers charged over an “unprovoked” assault on a group of teenagers claimed to be a member of notorious Sydney gang the Bra Boys, Wangaratta Magistrates’ Court has been told.

Keith Carey is facing two charges of intentionally causing injury after he allegedly knocked on the door of a Benalla home and assaulted a group of young people. His victims included two girls and a boy aged 14.

Carey, 28, was refused bail after police raised concerns about the safety of his alleged victims and Carey’s friend and witness in the case, Dean Cooney, being “interfered with”.

Detective Sgt Rod Smith, of Benalla, told the court Carey had told investigators he was part of a gang that sought violent retribution for those who talked to police.

But Carey’s lawyer insisted the threats were just his client “shooting his mouth off”.

“Mr Carey may have said some odd things but he’s certainly no gang member,” he said.

“It’s somewhat laughable but these threats have been taken seriously”.

Det-Sgt Smith said before he was arrested, Carey had been squatting in a Benalla home — “basically an uninvited guest”.

“I know for a fact he’s not welcome back to that place,” he said.

Magistrate Dan Muling said he was concerned where Carey would be living if released on bail, because he didn’t have family support and was planning to stay at a Shepparton motel.

The accused will remain in custody until he reappears in court in March. He will then face allegations he visited the Arundel Street home after the youths earlier had mouthed off at his friend, and along with his brother, James, had assaulted some of the teenagers.

Carey has been charged with aggravated burglary, recklessly causing serious injury and criminal damage.