Storms wreck farmer’s shed

RAND farmer Jack Jones has lived through 85 years of rain and sunshine, but this week’s storm was the worst he’s experienced.

On Sunday evening he counted four separate squalls which rumbled in one after another.

Mr Jones said it seemed like they were circling the property.

Looking out the window, Mr Jones and his wife Marie saw tree limbs blowing around.

But it wasn’t until the next day, Christmas Eve, when he came across one of the sheds on his property, that he realised how vicious the weather had been.

The 25-metre shed had been nearly turned inside out.

One of the walls was flipped upside down and a spray unit crushed under heavy beams.

Everything that was in the shed had been scattered and an old tank was rolled a couple of kilometres away.

“It’s just a hell of a mess,” Mr Jones said.

These days the farm is run mainly by his son Graeme who lives nearby with his wife Elaine.

It is likely to cost $50,000 to $60,000 to replace the shed.

In Thurgoona, Kinta and Rick Gitsham were thankful their two-year-old daughter was not hurt when a neighbour’s tree crashed into their backyard, crushing a trampoline and narrowly missing their home.

The winds also hit Henty where trees and limbs were brought down and at least three trampolines were tossed into neighbours’ yards.