Big trouble, little reward for would-be car thieves

THIEVES have gone to a lot of trouble for little return at a Wodonga car dealership.

Police say some time between Saturday when McRae Motors, on Melbourne Road, closed for the holidays and yesterday morning, three cars were vandalised.

Sen-Constable Josh Hudson said two utilities and a second-hand sedan were damaged or had items stolen from them.

A passenger window in one utility was smashed to get inside.

The seat was moved forward and a jack stolen.

The car’s ignition had also been tampered with and police believe thieves might have attempted to start it.

But the vehicle was not moved.

The third vehicle was in a new area with an electric fence around it.

Sen-Constable Hudson said a hole had previously been cut in a chain-mesh fence but it had not been repaired although electric wires were inside it.

The thieves disabled the electric fence and cut the wires.

The second utility was jacked up and its four rims were stolen.

“It would have taken a fair bit of time,” Sen-Constable Hudson said.

Detectives from Wodonga attended the scene yesterday morning after the thefts and damage were discovered.

The vehicles were dusted for fingerprints and a couple of items taken away for testing.