Knife attack at Corowa caravan park

AN AGED Lilydale pensioner attacked a man with a 30-centimetre knife at a Corowa caravan park on New Year’s Eve over a noise complaint, a court was told yesterday.

Albury Local Court was told Theodorus Perdon’s attack on the victim ceased only when the 70-year-old “ran out of energy”.

Police prosecutor Sgt Lee McCarthy said the victim had believed he was fighting for his life after Perdon launched his attack.

“It was an unprovoked attack with a 30-centimetre knife,” Sgt McCarthy said.

The victim described feeling air on his neck as the knife narrowly missed as Perdon lunged at him.

Perdon appeared in custody on charges of using an offensive weapon with intent to commit an indictable offence and reckless wounding.

The court was told in tendered police facts that the victim was at the caravan park with his girlfriend and others about 7.30pm.

Perdon was accompanied by his wife, who had complained about the noise from a slamming door.

Perdon had walked towards the victim, pulled up his shirt and produced a knife which was in sheath.

He held the knife in his right hand, took a cap off the victim’s head and slapped both sides of his face.

He allegedly lunged in a stabbing motion towards the victim’s throat, missing when the victim leant back.

When the victim retreated and fell over a chair, Perdon continued thrusting at him and, during a lunge at him, narrowly missed his face.

The victim had tried to scramble backwards on the ground, kicked a chair towards Perdon as an obstruction and finally had managed to grab hold of Perdon’s wrist.

During this struggle, the victim suffered cut wounds to his hand and told Perdon: “Please stop, calm down”.

Perdon had backed away when he appeared to have run out of energy and returned to his caravan.

The victim suffered four cuts, with one requiring four stitches and another three stitches. The other two required dressing.

When arrested, Perdon told police he had taken the knife from his car boot.

He said he had no recollection of attempting to stab the victim.

Police recovered the knife and there was blood on the blade.

Photographs of the hunting-style knife allegedly used by Perdon were tendered to the court.

Sgt McCarthy said there was a strong case against Perdon, with seven witnesses present.

Solicitor Andrea MacDonald said Perdon, who had blood-pressure issues, had strong ties to the Lilydale area where he owned his home.

He was released on bail with daily reporting to police and the charges were adjourned until February 4.